Tia Ruan – Intermediate Level Student

Essay # 1

When I found out about Elysium Muay Thai I didn’t want to do it at all. The videos my mom showed me looked hard to do and everybody looked really tired and sweaty. I soon realized that maybe it would help. It looked like people were really strong, I wanted to be a part of it so I could learn new stuff and get stronger. So I decided to join.

On my first day I was so happy because I wasn’t the only girl. That girl was amazing at everything because she worked hard and did things that I couldn’t do. My goal was to keep up with her so I wouldn’t do anything wrong.

In martial arts it was really fun, I learned to defend myself from anything and to only use it when it is needed. If I never started I would have never even tried to do anything if I was in danger I would have just given up and let them take me, but now I would just try to find a way to hurt them and get away with it.

Elysium Muay Thai teaches me discipline. I can help you improve a lot of things that you couldn’t even do before. I really like going to practice 3 times a week, that way I can get more exercise instead of staying home all day on electronics. Martial arts is a big help to me because I always wanted to learn self defense, it makes me tired and sweaty which is a great thing because I don’t do that alot.

If helps you use strength because you don’t want to fail, sometimes in life it happens, but you could always try it again and get back up. An important thing I learned in Muay Thai was to not give up, you don’t achieve anything and you can’t improve that much. The more you work hard you could get a lot stronger.

I really like to play games like tic tak toe. I love how you could play for fun and that it helps because you are running in the game and trying to pick up an item then placing it on the box, it can help you maintain the perfect balance of mental stimulation and physical fitness. Another game I like is Tug of War. You can use your strength. It is a game with 2 teams and they pull as hard as they can so you can build muscle and it increases endurance. There is also King of the hill, its like a challenge to be king of the hill while using the things that you were taught in the martial arts.

Muay Thai can help keep your body at a healthy weight, it prevents you from getting diseases and it could help you age well from doing all these exercises. When I go to practiced I really feel tired like I want to quit then I remember that this makes you improve and get better so I rey my best to keep up. Sometimes it’s really fun doing the workouts, each time you do it you kinda get used to it.

Each practice we do our words at the end of a practice. We have to memorize the words, if you don’t remember, you get a punishment. That is fair because the punishment is something that you have to physically do like for an example burpees. When you memorize a word it helps you understand everything better and you can do it like patience (waiting without complaint) The words help you do the things that the word means.

What I want to get better at is sparring and the running beep test. Those activities helped me improve little by little each time I tried to do it. I want to understand more of fighting. I learned a lot from it and I improved a little. I really like Elysium Muay Thai it has helped me a lot in my life.