Essay # 1 When I found out about Elysium Muay Thai I didn't want to do it at all. The
Essay # 1 Martial art is something you learn to protect yourself. It is only created for self defense, not
Essay #1                                                                       By Harman.khasria Muay thai and jiu jitsu have affected my life a lot. They taught me self
Experiences I had during my Training During my training, I had lots of different experiences. Some of these experiences were
Essay # 1 I didn't want to study martial arts in September because I have never done boxing before, I
Essay # 1 How Martial arts impact your life by Harjas Gill This is an essay on how Martial arts
Essay #1 How the martial arts can improve your life? Today im going to write about how the martial arts
Essay #2 As it would seem, everything in life has a hidden meaning. We all have to go through our
Essay #1 How martial arts impacted my life Martial arts has impacted my life in a very big and positive
Essay #1 Martial Arts has impacted my life quite a lot, ranging from discipline to physical. First, I would like
Essay #1 Why do I want to study the martial arts? The reason why I want to study the martial
Essay #1 In the 7-8 months that I have been boxing for, I really enjoyed it. Muay Thai  is something
Essay #1 Muay Thai level I essay Before I started Muay Thai I did Tae Kwon Do, and let me
Essay #1 Martial Arts has been the most influential part of my life. In the beginning, just like with most
Essay #1 By doing Martial Arts I have got more determination and perseverance. I’ve had more patience in things I
Essay #1 During my training at the Academy, I have learned many things. Of course I have learned how to
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