Shaan Bhaniwal – Intermediate Level Student

Essay #1

By doing Martial Arts I have got more determination and perseverance. I’ve had more patience in things I couldn’t do right away I have started to have more mindfulness in what I do. Also I have started to honor more things like my food, my family, and everything I have. Although I already had morality I never did the right thing but after joining the academy I had more righteousness . I never was always truthful I would lie a lot but the academy made me have more sincerity . I have also had more responsibility like if anyone told me to do something I would do it right away but I used to not. I’ve had more restraint so now when someone calls me names or says I am a loser I could hold back. By joining the academy I’ve got more wisdom and intelligence for example if anyone was to fight me before I would just be unintelligent but now I would be more wise and have moreintelligence. When my dad first told me he was going to take me to Martial Arts right away I said no because I hated fighting but after a few days I started liking Martial Arts a lot. It was one of my favourite things even though it doesn’t feel good, I know that I will be strong and smart. Another thing that I’ve had is humility I know not to be overconfident but also not to be timid but the academy made me confident enough to know that I could do what I want to do. The academy made me love Martial Arts, it made me want to improve and get physically and mentally strong so when I’m home I go to my punching bag and practice my elbows, knees, punches, and kicks.I also watch the UFC

to learn tricks and new moves.Martial Arts makes me feel way better and stronger.Martial Arts has impacted my life in many ways like making me fit but it also impacted my life by helping me do something else. I always wanted to be a professional soccer player and the academy is making that dream come true because the academy helps me get stronger, faster, and gives me the stamina I need to be a soccer player.Even though my legs, arms, abs, and chest hurts after training at the academy I still know that it is for the best of me.Martial Arts gives me everything I need to be a good human being.If I never joined the academy I don’t know what I would be doing right now.If I was how I was before doing Martial Arts I would be a weak disrespectful kid.The academy taught me to have integrity and to keep my word all the time and to never take it back.The academy told me to be strong and also to have willpower the strength of heart.The academy taught me many things and all those things have impacted my life and made me a better person.I love the Muay Thai academy it helps me be stronger and faster for the future and everybody there is so nice and they also help me do things I can’t do.They give me the determination and perseverance to finish what we do.I really appreciate what the academy is doing for me and everyone else.The academy has taught me to use my skill as self-defence and to help others.Thanking the academy is the least I could do for the academy right when I walked in to the academy everyone was being so nice and that’s what made me want to stay and get better.I looked around and I saw everyone doing the warm up so easily so I said to myself if they could do it why can’t you.The academy is doing so much I’ve only been at the academy for one month and there is already a difference I’m stronger, faster, and I have gotten more stamina.When I have soccer practices with my team I run way faster than them and they ask me how do you run so fast I tell them it takes hard work you must be determined to do what you want to do.Muay Thai has taught me many things, the words we do every class teach me something new like determination means the will never to quit so I learn never to quit.Muay Thai has gave me Humility, Determination, Perseverance and that’s only three things Muay Thai has taught me fifteen things it would be hard for me to name everything but I already did in this whole essay.

How Muay Thai Changed Who I Am

Muay Thai has changed a lot of me it has made me stronger and gave me more 

stamina and it didn’t only make me physically stronger it also made me mentally stronger. I remember when we were doing the beep test I was on level 14 and I wanted to give up so badly but, I had endurance and I kept going on because I know that if you don’t have endurance than you can’t succeed. One of my dreams is to be a very strong man and Muay Thai has given me the inspiration to achieve my dreams. Muay Thai is my favourite thing to go because I know I am getting strong and there is nothing better than the feeling of getting strong. Muay Thai has given me a lot of serenity because the first time I did the beep test I was not very peaceful but the second time I did it I got serenity and was being peaceful. When I first found out I was going to Muay Thai I never knew it would change my life this much I thought it was just a normal martial arts class but, after my first class, I knew that Muay Thai is no ordinary class. When I come to the Muay Thai classes I always set up a goal for myself, I try to get better every class and I try to give more than 100% in every trial and drill we do. I would never be who I am right now if I never indented Muay Thai even though it has only been about 3 months since I joined it still has changed who I am. Sometimes it gets very hard coming to so many practices like on Monday I have soccer than Tuesday I have Muay Thai and Karate, Wednesday and Thursday are rest days they help me a lot because on Friday I have Muay Thai and Karate and Sundays are hard I have soccer from 8:00 to 9:30 and then I have Muay Thai so my schedule is hard but, life is never easy so I try my hardest in everything and it works because I am very strong now and everything I do now I improve in. You can not just easily improve every day it takes time but, the harder you try the better you get. I have always had the dedication to wake up early every morning and practice. Sometimes you do not want to practice your too tired or you want to do something else but, I never do that I sometimes do not want to practice and when that happens I tell myself if you do not practice then you can not get better so I keep working and working.

Essay # 2

I was always afraid to be different but after some Muay Thai classes I got some confidence in myself and I also got a lot of courage I started not being afraid to be different. Before I only had a little bit of generosity but, now I have a lot of generosity. Muay Thai has changed me in many ways it is like I became a whole new person. I don’t like it when someone praises me because when nobody praises me I try to work harder. Even though I get angry very quickly I always had a lot of tolerance for example when someone says your to scared to fight I do not react because I know I am not scared so I do not care if he thinks I am weak because I know I am not. Also, I do not like getting into fights I do not understand what is the fun in it. My cousins like to get into fights but, I only learn martial arts to defend myself and get stronger. I do take interest in learning martial arts but when it comes to an actual fight I am not a big fan. I watch U.F.C and learn their moves I learn what I could do if I am in that same problem and just to practice those moves and get better. Muay Thai has made more righteous so I have gotten more grace. I have also gotten more moral excellence so I have got virtue. Muay Thai has given me so much dignity. I have also gotten so much more harmony and now I am always in the flow of the waves so I have gotten synchronicity. I used to make a lot of promises but, I would never follow through with the promises I made I would always forget but Muay Thai has made my brain stronger and made me so much nicer so I have also gotten a lot of diligence. Muay Thai has changed my life in so many ways it has made me so much more moral it’s given me so much dedication, perseverance, and mindfulness. It has changed me so much it has made me a way better person. It is not like I was a bad person before but, muay Thai has made me way better I probably was an 85/100 at niceness but, now I am way over 100/100 I am probably 100 000 000/100. Muay Thai has made me do so many nice things I have got way more compassion and benevolence I always do goodwill onto others and I always feel sorry for the ones that are misfortunate.

By Shaan