Raj Bhaniwal – Intermediate Level Student

Essay #1

During my training at the Academy, I have learned many things. Of course I have learned how to punch and kick and such, but I have also learned other things. I have learned how to have Patience and Perseverance through the training and have learned how to endure and wait. This allowed me to endure the training and has made me stronger. Through this I now have more Determination and never quit when things get tough. Throughout my training there were things that were difficult, but I have never quit. Because of these things, I have learned to show Restraint and have learned to hold back whenever I am provoked. These things also gave me Integrity and I strive to keep my word all the time. My training has also taught me how to have Mindfulness so I can concentrate on the moment. In my training there were times where I had to concentrate on the moment to becoming stronger. Although I have grown stronger in my training and have learned a lot, I have learned to show Humility and I do not have pride or an ego. I do not show off my training and I do not show off what I have learned. I have also learned how to have Morality and Righteousness so I understand the difference between wrong and right and do what is right. I understand what is wrong and I do the right thing. With all these things I now have Wisdom and Intelligence and have an understanding of the world’s data and an understanding of all things. I have learned a lot in my training and I will continue to learn. Still I have Honor and I am respectful. I do not disrespect anyone and do not use my training to be disrespectful. I practice respectfulness everyday. Throughout my training I learned the words which taught me how to do the right thing. I have learned that I should not use what I have learned in a way that is wrong and I shouldn’t just hurt people who provoke me. I have learned I have a Responsibility to perform my duty, and my duty is to use what I learned in a way that is right, and not wrong. Also, I have learned to have Sincerity and to be truthful because if you are not truthful that is wrong, and I have learned that you should do what is right. Although I have gotten stronger physically, I also have Willpower, which is the strength of heart. This also my to endure the training and continue to get stronger. These are just some of the things I have learned from my training and I hope to continue training and learn even more things. I will continue to grow and get stronger and through my training at the Academy, I will become someone who does the right thing and knows what is wrong. This is what I have learned during my training at the Academy.