Pranshu Patel – Advanced Level Student

Essay #1

Martial Arts has been the most influential part of my life. In the beginning, just like with most extracurricular activities, I was forced by my parents to go try out. Still to this day, I am grateful for what opportunities that have provided me. With time, I have gained a great interest in Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and Philosophy. Martial Arts is not just about physical toning, it’s also about mental practice. With this program, I have attained a lot more mental knowledge than I have with my fight sense. I am not stating that this program is not teaching you proper technique and self-defence, but I am stating that my mental status and awareness highly increased after just implementing the word system in my life. I involve in these activities to make myself better as a person. In my belief, being a man of character and intelligence is more important than being a fit person.

              Muay Thai has taught me many lessons. Firstly, one main lesson it has taught me is persistence. Muay Thai workouts are extremely difficult, to the point where you can literally be sent to the hospital. However, when you adapt to these gruelling, long, and exhausting workouts, everything else becomes easier. Throughout the past years, every workout has been getting gradually more difficult, targeting different body parts and increasing intensity. The longer you train, the better you become, there is no end; you cannot master, or perfect a workout. Secondly, Muay Thai has taught me self-defence and physical self-enhancement. Muay Thai has greatly affected and changed the way I see the world. I am no longer anxious by any physical and mental challenge I face. Everything, I mean everything has become easier. Everything from chores, sports, and any general activity like standing, has become less challenging over the years.

              As previously stated, learning and getting into Martial Arts can greatly improve your quality of life. If you have doubts, look at me! Every aspect of my life has greatly improved. If I were to put a rating, it would be a 100/10!

Essay #2

Martial Arts has changed my life in ways more than one. Firstly, it altered me physically. Everything physical has become less challenging. Anything from sprinting and sports to punching and kicking. My Physical appearance has also improved significantly. I can confidently say that without Martial Arts, I would not have been the person I am today. Secondly, It has changed me mentally. Every word I have learned has affected me in some way or another. In every sort of situation that I need to, I remembered the word and have applied it to my day-to-day life. In my opinion, mental strength is just as important as physical strength. Balancing both out is the “art” of Martial Arts.

              As far as goals, I have many. Some of my goals are related to physicality, but they are also related to mentality. My first goal is to do five muscle-ups in a row. It’s quite simple, all I have to do is keep training with persistence and focus. Such ways to train can be to do pullups, dips, work on my muscle up technique, etc. My second goal is quite different; that goal is to perfect my teaching. I want to have the ability to teach somebody with confidence and no hesitance. This will come in handy as I get older when I apply for jobs and have qualifications to teach. Which is another reason why I continue to learn Martial Arts, it provides me with many learning and teaching opportunities. This separates this program from other common programs such as Karate and Taekwondo because it goes through a meritocracy method. The harder you train, the better chance you have at learning more and bettering yourself. Which, stated once again, I have many goals that I want to pursue.

              Lastly, helping and passing down your knowledge is the way of keeping Martial Arts alive. There are many methods to help people. Firstly, you can help someone by teaching them self-defence. Teaching is the only way art lives on. And the art does not have to stay as a constant, it constantly evolves. Whether it be through bias technique or inspiration from other fighters or styles. Self-defence not only leads to strength, but also leads to benevolence, compassion, generosity, inspiration, endurance, grace, virtue, and so on. Another way to help others is to provide them with protection against toxic people. Martial Arts is not only for showcase or intimidation, but it’s about self-improvement and betterment. Helping people become better versions of themselves is the best gift they can receive, and the best gift you can give to someone’s needs.