Ping Li – Intermediate Level Student

Essay # 1

Martial art is something you learn to protect yourself. It is only created for self defense, not created to become a bully. Martial art should never be used for bullying because the only use of martial art should always be for self defense.

Martial art isn’t for those who quit, it is for those who never give up. Martial arts isn’t for you to have fun or to be happy but it is there to make you strong and talent. Not to make you happy but to make you strong.

What martial art teaches us is to never harm anyone that is incorrect but if anyone dares to touch you like he/she mean it then use martial art to punch back if necessary.

Martial art engages people. Once a Muay thai teacher has said “Think about it, if they can do it why can’t you?” This sentence has two meanings, it means don’t quit and do it if others can.

Martial art is something you should never give up because if other people don’t give up easily then why should you?