Harman Khasria – Intermediate Level Student

Essay #1

                                                                      By Harman.khasria

Muay thai and jiu jitsu have affected my life a lot. They taught me self defence and discipline, they are making me better mentally and physically. Mentaly because when I am at muay thai my mind calms down and relaxes very much and physically the exercises are making me stronger and more fit than I was before joining. I enjoy staying at muay thai and exercising with others. At muay thai we work together as a team. It has really improved my teamwork skills. Muay thai has also taught me how to calm down and take a breath. They also taught me technique so I know what to do in a hard position in a fight. Whenever I go to muay thai I learn something new and helpful. Muay thai also taught me how to control my energy in a fight so I don’t get tired. Muay thai also taught me how to skip rope Before I joined the academy I could barely do 2 jumps but then they taught me how to. I respect the people at muay thai and I will continue my endless journey of muay thai and get stronger and more fit .