Harman Bahniwal – Intermediate Level Student

Experiences I had during my Training

During my training, I had lots of different experiences. Some of these experiences were fun and some were not fun, and some were just hard, but they all made me learn and get better. Here are some of my experiences. The first experience I am going to talk about is the beep test. At the start of the beep test, I had goosebumps and I was nervous because I thought I wouldn’t beat my old score. When the test started I realized it wasn’t that hard. From levels 1-6, it was very straightforward and easy to run, and I wasn’t struggling to reach the end before the beep. Although it was easy I had Humility and did not show off. From level 7, it started to get difficult, and it wasn’t as easy anymore. I kept pushing but every time the levels got higher it started getting harder, but I still had the Determination and Willpower to continue going. At level 11, it started getting even harder, but I had Perseverance and kept pushing until I finally got out at level 11.6. Another Experience I had during my training was The 300. At first, when he told us, I thought it would be impossible. Rounds 1 to 3 weren’t that hard, but as we continued I realized it was getting hard. Near the end, I was so tired I could barely do the exercise, but I had Responsibility and kept counting. During sparring, I got kicked in the face, but instead of attacking him or hitting him hard, I had Restraint. Another time during sparring, I hit someone in the wrong spot, but I had Morality and understood I did something wrong so I apologized with Sincerity. During training, we sometimes played tic tac toe. At one point I thought about cheating to win, but I had Righteousness and did what is right. I also had to have Mindfulness to concentrate on the game and know where to put each pylon. During training on punching bags, I like to kick, but I have to have Patience and wait for my turn while I hold the bag. When we did training with new students, I had Honor and was respectful to them. Through all my experiences I have gained Wisdom and Intelligence so I have gotten smarter and learned how to fight. Now as I continue my training, I promise to keep pushing hard and training hard, and that is how I have Integrity because I will keep my word and train as hard as I can! -Harman Bahniwal