Harjas Gill – Intermediate Level Student

Essay # 1

How Martial arts impact your life by Harjas Gill

This is an essay on how Martial arts impacts your life.  Martial arts can benefit you in many different ways. In this essay I will talk about different reasons why martial arts is good for you.  Now I will talk about how martial arts impacts your life. 

Martial arts impacts your life because it changes who you are in a very good way. Martial arts teaches you self defense and how to become a good person. It impacts your life also by making you a more calm person. It also make you a stronger person mentally and it will build your muscles. It will also help you in life too.

There are also some more reasons I will tell you in this essay. Martial arts teaches you some life lessons also. It will also teach you things like something called restraint it means holding back when provoked and that means if someone insults you don’t punch them just don’t listen to criticism. Another thing I learned is called determination it means that you will never quit even when you want to.  This last thing I will tell you will never get tired again doing 150 push ups.

I totally recommend doing martial arts. It is a very good thing to do. It does things like building your stamina and making you a better person and being a strong person. All those things will make a better person that can handle anything. It will also make you a smarter person. That was my essay on how martial arts impacts your life in a good way.