Gigi Agasucci – Advanced Level Student

Essay #1

How the martial arts can improve your life?

Today im going to write about how the martial arts can physically and mentally improve your life. To start off martial arts can Increase your endurance, your strength, your determination and much more now let’s talk about how. Let’s talk about how Martial arts improves endurance, martial arts improves endurance by making you work harder than you’ve ever worked before and never letting you quit no matter how tired, hurt or dizzy you are you will always be/do your best. Now let’s talk about how martial arts will improve your strength, martial arts will improve your strength by making you us muscles you have never used before you will  feel the pain you’ve never felt and I know this sounds awful but the moe you train the stronger you getand the stronger you get, the easier everything else gets.

Now determination, martial arts improves your determination by making you try harder than you’ve ever had to try, as I said, the stronger you get the he easier everything else gets and usually we let things be easy but with martial arts every time something gets easy you get more eager you get to learn more. Now let’s talk about how martial arts improves your mental health, martial improves your mental health by teaching me and others righteousness, mindfulness and Honor. Let’s start with righteousness, martial arts has Improved my righteousness by teaching me that being honest and doing the right thing even know I don’t want to sometimes. Now let’s talk about how martial arts improves mindfulness, martial arts improves mindfulness by teaching me to focus on wht im doing and when im stressed about something , worried about something or upset to forget about it and focus on what im doing and to clear my mind. Now let’s talk about our final thing how martial arts improves your honour, martial arts improves your honour by teaching you to tell the truth even when its hard but not for them but for you because everything you do is for you, for example, let’s say your doing 100 pushups you shouldn’t stand up after 50 and say done because your doing them for you own health not anyone else’s.

Essay #2

How has martial arts changed my life?

Hi, I’m Gigi and today I’m going to talk to you about how Martial arts have changed my life. Martial arts has changed my life in so many ways, it has relieved my stress and anxiety, it has made me healthier mentally and physically and it has provided me with self defense, now i’m going to explain how. Let’s start with how martial arts has de stressed me and relieved me of my anxiety, well for example when i’m mad at someone like my sister my parents or my friends it feels good to get all my anger out on the bags and it relieves me of my anxiety because it makes me focus on something else that I genuinely enjoy. Now how it has made me stronger physically and mentally, starting with physically I have been going to martial arts for about 3 or 4 years now and since then I have been feeling amazing i’ve lost weight and became much stronger, now how it has made me healthier mentally, it has made me healthier mentally by improving my determination for example when I want to quit i think to myself no I can do this don’t give up, and something I tell myself to help me with this is don’t stop until you throw up or pass out. Now let’s talk about how martial arts has provided me with self defense well obviously by teaching me new things and my instructors are so encouraging of us to improve and when I say how it has provided me with self defense I really mean how it has made me feel much safer, well it has made me feel much safe by making me realize I can walk to the park alone or go to that movie with my friends because I used to be afraid or get some anxiety like what if someone comes up to us which might seem impossible until it happens, actually 239,847 girls under 21 get kidnapped a year and it used to be scary to do those thing I listed but now with all of my training and everything Will has taught me about martial arts and how to stay safe and use are training correctly it makes me feel much more comfortable but I am still alert of my surroundings for example will has taught us to use concentrate on the moment and focus on what your doing not about the things that can happen to you. Thank you for reading my essay on how martial arts has changed my life.