Ethan Kang – Advanced Level Student

Essay #1

Muay Thai level I essay

Before I started Muay Thai I did Tae Kwon Do, and let me tell you this that Muay Thai to that is like 100x more difficult. Originally I didn’t want to start Muay Thai considering that I was the type of person that didn’t always like to try new things, eventually after I started going to Muay Thai I got out of my comfort zone and started opening up to other things. I am really glad that I was able to otherwise I wouldn’t be on the Swim team or Wrestling team. My father is the one who wanted to put us in, he thought that Tae Kwon Do was to easy and wanted to put us into something that was more advanced and where our skills could be built up. I have learned so much stuff during training in the academy, to more strength, resilience and restraint. Stamina is one of my worst areas in everything I do, I had slight asthma throughout my life and it impacted what I did. My experiences in Muay Thai the first few days were painful because I haven’t done anything that intense which was the beep test. After that day I didn’t want to go next time but I still went. After the first few classes I loved the feeling of getting stronger and wanted to go to every class. Feeling stronger and building stamina is one of the best things to feel, like when we started doing pull ups and dips just being able to do more reps each class felt good because I was getting stronger. My goals for training in the future would be to keep training hard the same effort that I have been since day one. I hope this field of martial arts will keep building up my stamina and strength so that one day I can repay this when I coach for the classes once I reach the requirements to do so.

Essay #2

Martials arts has better dignified myself and made me stronger not only strength but my mind. People tend to deal with their problems with emotions without thinking ahead, this can lead to a disaster. Training with you has made me more calm in situations that are most dire, so when a situation come upon me I can think logically through what’s going on before striking first and making it worse for me. Martials arts has helped strengthen me

 for sports that I enjoy doing on a daily basis at school whether its before school or after school. An example like wrestling and swimming, both sports require a tremendous amount of endurance and strength, our warm ups we begin class with is a key example of what has built up my endurance and strength. I’ve always had a passion for Martial arts and took Taekwondo throughout my childhood, then moving onto Muay Thai was quite a big jump in maintaining my stamina throughout classes was quite difficult. The next day after practices when I first started Muay Thai were dreadful, sore shoulders down. Of course I started to get used to it and I got stronger and stronger, Through the trainings I have done I have built more tolerance while we’re in the ring. I was always aggressive but I think that personality has calmed down a lot more than when I first started Muay Thai. I have come a long way through Martials arts from only using my foot to kick from Taekwondo to using about every part of my body in Muay Thai,  I wish to continue taking Muay Thai even after highschool to maintain not only my strength but my restraint. Your encouragement, and enthusiasm has pushed me this far to when dealing with stress I can overcome it easily with many tips you have given us. Going to Muay thai practice has bettered my life in a lot of ways I can’t express in this essay, otherwise I would go over the word limit. After everything you’ve taught me, i am glad you chose me and one of the experienced people to help instruct others who wish to learn this art. After moving to a bigger place I see how it can become more difficult to instruct over 10 people just with yourself and Nick. So I will improve myself even more so I can help teach others in the class how to better themselves as well. It’s not as easy as I say it is. Training harder will always be my goal, may one someday I will surpass you.