Devon – Intermediate Level Student

Essay #1

Martial Arts has impacted my life quite a lot, ranging from discipline to physical. First, I would like to say that all the studying of words has helped me as a person quite a lot, from just studying them and just the meaning from the definition themselves. From each of the definitions of the word and all the times, we do words at the end of classes the more the definition seeps into me and my personality. For doing the words I feel I am becoming more of a better person per class, the words really seep deep into my memory making me get used to them and on how they help me so much. Some of the words that helped me the most are:

Determination – Perseverance, both of these words are helping me get better at my workouts every single time we have a workout. During the workouts, these words would help me have determination, help me persevere making me try my hardest not to quit during the warmups, always making me continue on during the workout.

Humility, having this character trait is very helpful during my training. When something good happens I don’t feel a sense of showing off, telling everyone my accomplishments but instead wanting to tell myself that I want to continue, be better, get better, and always strive for what I really want.

Patience, being able to be as patient to not complain is very good. It keeps me calm when a very hard workout is happening. For example, during the bridge exercise telling myself to have patience make me stay, and wait without complaining about the workout to be done.

Responsibility, being responsible is something everyone needs in their life, and to have the power to be responsible is very good. Responsibility means to not procrastinate, do the duty that was told, do the things that are you are required to do in the day. At first, I procrastinated quite a lot during my school work and because of this, I wasn’t as responsible as should be.

Ever since I’ve started going to Martial Arts I’ve definitely found myself changing and getting stronger. When I first started I had asthma and wasn’t active at all, during the warmup on the first class I wanted to take a break since I was so tired and out of breath since I’ve never done a work out like that before. Compared to me now I’d say I’ve grown and got stronger from the way I was before, from not being able to do warmups to being able to carry through the majority of the things for the full hour says a lot about how much I’ve changed. I then started to make my cardio even better due to warmups, I don’t get tired as easily. The warmups that we do during every class make my body stronger and my asthma goes away per class.

In general, the training at Martial Arts has helped me become a better person, helped me become more physically active, and helped me become stronger. If it weren’t for Martial Arts I wouldn’t be like this, mainly lazy, and inactive. Due to my joining of Martial Arts, I’ve learned a lot of things, to defend my self, and to be a better person. Some of my goals that I would like to achieve on my path of Martial Arts are, getting better at the techniques that are being taught and that were taught, finishing all the words and trying to achieve the advanced classes.