Christian Kang – Advanced Level Student

Essay #1

Why do I want to study the martial arts? The reason why I want to study the martial arts is because it’s able to help me expand my view of the arts. Martial arts is able to help me condition my body, physically and mentally. Another reason why i want to learn, and study the martial arts is because it’s able to teach me principles, and words which can help em during training, and outside of training.

What has the art of Muay Thai taught me? Muay Thai has taught me many things throughout my training such as the words I have been taught. The art of Muay Tai has enlightened my mental state, and has expanded my physical capabilities. Not only does Muay Tai teaches you how to defend, and fight for yourself, it’s also very insightful way to learn how to control your emotions, and actions. Muay Thai has taught me to hold back when being provoked by something that is an annoyance to me. Muay Thai has also taught me to respect others, and honor those who have helped in my past. This is what Muay Tai taught me in life. Muay Tai has improved me in many ways. One of the ways Muay Tau has improved my life is my physical body. When I was training in the arts, I have gained muscle endurance, and perseverance. When you keep practising in the arts, you’re able to improve yourself physically. The arts has also made me a lot of healthier, physically and mentaly. When practising the art of Muay Tai, it has improved my mental attributes such as morality, wisdom, and intelligence.  I believe that Muay Tai has improved my life during my school work as studying these words and principles has expanded my mental capabilities. The words that I have been taught in the arts have widened my view of how I see the world. This is how Muay Tai has improved my life.

Essay #2

I have many reasons how, martial arts have changed my life. Not only has it affected my physical life,  it has touched my mental life as well. Martial arts has given me a larger speculation of how I can advance in the arts, and what I can do to improve myself in different ways. Lastly, in this essay I will be talking about how I can help others from what I learned from Muay Tai.

How has martial arts change my life? Muay Tai has changed my life in many ways, physically and mentaly. Not only have I gained more strength and become more fit, it has also affected my will power. Muay Tai has granted me with endurance as I have learned to keep going on even when you want to quit. Endurance has come along beside me though countless times in Muay Tai, and I don’t think I could the things now, without endurance. Another key factor that Muay Tai has given me is courage. I think I would have not done the things I love to this day, without courage as it has made me fear nothing new. Courage has given me a wide opportunity to find the things I love, without fearing the outcome. Courage has made me the shepherd of the herd of  the sheep as I am not afraid to be different than the norm. This is how martial arts has changed my life.

Martial Arts has made me think of goals for myself for the future in order to advance in the arts. These goals consist of, being more productive everyday, train harder, pay more attention in class, and use what I learn to take advantage of myself. Another goal I have set for myself is put all of my effort into my training. This will help benefit me in the future as i’ll get the ability to help others in need. The goals I have listed are things I have thought of for a long time, and will have a great affect on my training in the arts.

Lastly, I can help others from what I learned through courage and dedication. During training, I can help others by showing perseverance, and dedication through various trainings. I believe that I can show that near impossible trainings are possible, and can be achieved by anyone. Another way I can help others is by teaching newer students how they can apply these words into our everyday lives, such as courage, or endurance. These are some examples of how I can help others through what I have learned.