Carleigh Agassucci – Advanced Level Student

Essay #1

How martial arts impacted my life

Martial arts has impacted my life in a very big and positive way. My first class I went to it was just me Gigi and Pranch. I don’t really remember everything we did but what I do remember is enjoying myself very much and knowing that I wanted to continue taking these classes. From that moment on I found something I enjoyed very much and made me very happy.

One of the ways martial arts have impacted me is my mood. I’ve always been a very happy person and my mood has always been pretty good. Yet ever since I started doing martial arts my mood is on steroids . I have a lot more motivation to get up and do things now. Martial arts keeps me happy/healthy and my mood is very positive.

Another way martial arts have impacted me is teaching me determination. Determination: the will never quit. I’m a very competitive person, I always have been but martial arts taught me and still continues to teach me to always do my best no matter what and to not quit. Determination along with some of the other words is always in the back of my mind and its my personal motto is to always do my best and always go the extra mile. I just tell myself “you can do this, push yourself a little harder and it will all be worth it in the end.”

Another way martial arts have impacted me is teaching me mindfulness. Mindfulness: to concentrate on the moment. Mindfulness was my first word I ever recieved , this word especially stays with me all the time 24/7. This word isn’t just for martial arts but also life too. I can admit that I am not the most focused person because I can be easily distracted but I can also admit Im getting a bit better at keeping my focus and concentrating on what is happening in front of me instead of what’s happening around me.

One more way martial arts have impacted me is gaining a new family. At first it was a very small family consisting of me you Pranch and Gigi but now there is so many of us and our family keeps growing its really amazing. I’m happy to say that we’re all very close there and all get along. One of my favourite things that occur there is we all can learn from each other and no one is better than anyone else. Sure, some of us are more experienced than others but that is how we create a bond is getting to know one another and learning from each other. Im very happy to say that ive made some really great friends over the past few years and I cant wait to start teaching the younger guys/girls.

In conclusion, I’m very glad that Gigi got me into martial arts, it makes me very happy and I enjoy it so much.                                                



Essay #2

How I feel about my current level of skills and technique

In the beginning I didn’t have much endurance, my pain tolerance was low. I wasn’t used to all these new things I was being taught so of course I wasn’t even close to perfecting them. My kick wasn’t even as good as it is now, I could not really take a punch or throw one back and my stances were very off because I wasn’t very balanced. Now after it being a few years I’ve learnt a thing or two and my level of skills and technique is much much better. Of course I am still learning and haven’t perfected everything but I am getting there and have noticed a lot of improvement in myself since I first started.

In my training Im very pleased I have a lot more serenity. To have a good mindset and be peaceful with yourself and others is a very important quality to have. I feel like serenity has helped me a lot with my training and still continues to do so. Sometimes I need to stop myself and just give myself a little reminder saying “have peace, be peaceful take a deep breath”, I think it’s very effective and works well when it comes to training.

Tolerance is another virtue for me that has helped me with my training. When you start martial arts you’re allowed to go as hard as you would like on the more experienced guys because they can take it, they’ve been there longer therefore its alright but they cannot give the same strength back which means they need restraint. Tolerance is the highest level of restraint, which means you need to know when to hold back in difficult situations. It is very fair at the gym we go too because when we are sparing you don’t just go full blast on someone unless you know they can take it. The way I see it is you’d rather be doing really good technique on them then instead using not so good technique but a lot of strength. Tolerance has helped me become a very held back and peaceful fighter and i’m glad we have these words and go over them at each class as a friendly reminder telling us all these virtues whether we need to hear them or not.

Synchronicity is another virtue that has improved my level of technique. When I think of this word I think of myself practicing my kicks on the bag. If I do everything right to get the perfect kick but do it in a slower way like being in the flow of the waves of the universe then that is how my technique will improve itself. Get into my stances, move a step forward with my front foot go up on the toe extend my other leg twist my hip bring my hand down to my hip have my guard up and connect my shin to the bag all in a slower movement and there you go. The perfect kick.

I also use this technique with my elbows. If you do the whole movement slow enough you’ll eventually perfect it. Once you practice something enough when you do it, it just automatically comes to you and it just clicks in your mind. The way you taught us with elbows is two hands on the bag arms extended so they’re straight then bring your left one up to protect ur head then your other one to connect with the bag then you do the same thing over and over until you have it down pack that it automatically comes to you.

Compassion is another thing that has helped me in my training because when I am training with the younger guys/girls, I remember when I was at their level of technique and understanding of everything we do at the gym. To be a good and successful coach you need to put yourself in the younger guys shoes and stop to say to yourself I was like this at one point which means imagine the patience your coach had with you that now you need to have with them. Now that I am in more of a training and teaching stage my technique is a lot better and it needs to be in order to teach them.

In conclusion, I would like to say ive learnt so much ever since I have started these classes and I can’t wait to continue learning.