Andrew Youkhanis – Advanced Level Student

Essay #1

In the 7-8 months that I have been boxing for, I really enjoyed it. Muay Thai  is something that I look forward to getting better at, so that in dire cases  where I need self defence to save my life, it will stay in my head, and it can  most possibly save my life. I want to study Muay Thai because it is a very  good martial art to know, and the workouts that we do help me to become  healthy and stay strong. I want to study it also because it is something  that our generation almost needs in our lives because of the crime rates  and kidnapping rates that went up over the past years. Muay Thai has  taught me many things. The thing it taught me the most was restraint,  patience, and humility. The art of Muay Thai has taught me to be a patient  person, and if I get teased, I can hold back when provoked. Humility is  probably the most important thing that I learned aside from the  techniques. Humility is such a great thing to have and it makes me a better  person and by having humility, people tend to respect you more when  trying new things. The martial arts can improve my life because I used to  be a very lazy and skinny person. If I ever got into a dire case in which I  had to fight back, with my body, I would probably fail, but thankfully I  haven’t had that moment come. By doing the training, I have become a  more fit and healthy person. Martial arts has also taught me to be  disciplined, and patient as I have stated earlier. In conclusion, I think that  martial arts was a good thing that I am taking, as I don’t do any other  activities and I was not that active. I love that I go to martial arts, and I  plan on continuing for the years to come. 

Essay #2

At the start, I thought that Muay Thai was just a sport and that I only went there to learn to fight, but obviously my mindset has changed since then. Martial arts has significantly changed my life by making me a more peaceful person, and I feel that I have become more healthy than before and of course, stronger. Martial arts has also helped me, when I am doing other sports outside of class, and performing better than before I took Muay Thai. My future goals in Muay Thai is to master the spin kick and to get better at Boxing. I am much better at doing the spinning side kick, and I need to focus more on boxing than jiu jitsu. Muay thai is the best thing that could ever happen to me and I don’t know where I would be without it. The exercises taught me to be grateful during times that I am relaxing, while I could be there. The words have taught me how to live a happy life and I try to follow them in my everyday life. Jiu jitsu has taught me how I can save my own life and defend myself against people who try and hurt me. I am a much better person than I was before I started taking the class, and I finally overcame my anger issues. I can remember myself getting angry at the game and people around me over just a silly video game, to now, not even getting angry and things at all. I would love to try to help others in the class who are new or struggling and help them, especially in jiu jitsu where a lot of new students tend to struggle in, rather than muay thai or boxing. I would help people so they too, know how to defend themselves in a situation where their ability to fight is crucial to them. I would like to help them to become stronger and have a better time during the workouts, so they don’t get winded as easy. If I could time travel and tell myself from 2 years ago the workouts we do and the fact that I could do it, he would probably laugh at me, yet here I am, with the ability to do whatever I want. One thing I want to get better at is taking a hit. I still flinch when someone pretends to throw a punch or throws an object at me and I strive to overcome that. All in all though, I would definitely recommend this class to a friend.