Abella Youkhanis – Advanced Level Student

Essay # 1

I didn’t want to study martial arts in September because I have never done boxing before, I was scared to and I didn’t think Muay thai was for me. Unfortunately I was forced to do it by my parents. But time after time I started to enjoy it because it is a good workout and I was improving each practice. On my brothers and I’s first day we did the beep test and it was quite hard for me because I was new. Now that I have trained the beep test is way easier for me. Doing the martial arts it has taught me how to defend myself and that since I’m tiny, people will go easy on me. If you do martial arts it can improve your life because it teaches you self defense and discipline. I really like the martial arts because it’s fun, good exercise and we get words at the end of each practice. We always have to say a word that you got. If you got your word correct, you get a new word. If you don’t, you can’t choose to get a new word. The word i need to work on most is patience. (waiting without complaint) because I keep complaining when I don’t get a new word. I keep on getting a duplicate and I only need one more word to go onto my blue words. Sincerity (truthful with speech and thought). On Fridays, I always want to do stations because it strengthens your upper and lower body strength. It’s also quite fun to do because each time you do it, you can see how much you have improved from the last time you did it. For example, if you flipped a tire 7 times in under a minute maybe next time you flipped it 8 times and so on. Even though I have been here for almost a year there are still stuff I have never done before and are probably too advanced for me.